Masters Of Cinema April-July 2014 Schedule.


Eureka’s Masters Of Cinema imprint this morning announced their schedule for the second quarter of 2014. There’s a real emphasis on the American cinema this quarter. 



Ace In The Hole. The existing Masters Of Cinema editions of Billy Wilder films are the stuff of legend. In their releases of Double Indemnity and The Lost Weekend the boutique label really went to town, so one might expect no less of this upcoming edition of a film that, quite extraordinarily, has never been given a release on disc in the UK. 


If… Lindsay Anderson’s war cry of rebellious youth also comes in to the frame in April.



Nashville. Robert Altman’s sprawling epic is finally granted a UK release. Long unavailable on these shores, here’s hoping for an edition worthy of the reputation of the film it represents. Altman has been well served on disc of late, with this release following hot on the heels of last year’s Arrow Academy edition of The Long Goodbye


Boomerang! An outing for an early Elia Kazan drama, starring Dana Andrews. Another first timer for UK disc. 



Harold And Maude. Hal Ashby’s anti-rom-com is a masterpiece of it’s own peculiar sub-genre. The suicidal titular male and the motor-bike riding eponymous Maude make for the oddest of couples, in a film which has gradually become a staple of the kind of thing it initially rallied against. Beautiful artwork, derived from the film’s original theatrical poster rounds off a release that’s set to be quite special.


Too Late Blues. While the established independent works in the oeuvre of John Cassavetes have been well-covered, with releases from Criterion and the BFI, it’s refreshing to see one of his studio pictures selected for such treatment. A decent edition of Too Late Blues has proven elusive for far too long.

Eureka Classics

Untitled 3

This quarter Eureka are kick-starting their Classics imprint, with a pair of dual-format titles released under a fresh new micro-label. The War Lord cometh in April, while Richard Fleischer’s wonderful Violent Saturday arrives in May. More on the latter at a later date.



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  1. Fantastic to see “If….” get a blu-ray release, and even more fantastic to see it’s MoC! That has been one of my favourites for years; since I saw it in school of all places! A strong line up all round I think, although I’d like to see more Antonioni in the future, particularly “Blow-up” and “Zabriskie Point” – they’d made great additions to the collection!

  2. Fantastic to see “If…” get a blu-ray release, and even more fantastic to see it’s getting the MoC treatment. I wonder if the extras will match that of the Criterion? Either way, I’ve been a huge fan of that film since I saw it about 10 years ago in school of all places.

    It’s a strong line-up all round I believe, however – as much as I like “Harold & Maude”, I would’ve preferred perhaps “Being There” or “The Last Detail” from Ashby. Maybe even “The Landlord”; which I believe was his first – and underrated – feature.

    Ah, Masters of Cinema… What a catalogue. I still have my fingers crossed for “Zabriskie Point” sometime soon though…

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