Monday Blu(e)s And DVD.


Hell comes to the small town, the backwoods town and the Frogtown in this week’s round-up of the latest home video releases.


Arrow Video Double-Bill. A pair of “Hells” this week from Arrow, with Hellgate and Hell Comes To Frogtown. Both releases are limited to just 1000 copies each, with this brief Blu-ray run coming ahead of a general DVD reissue later in the year. The latter is our disc of the week, so keep an eye out for a more thorough examination tomorrow.


Prisoners. Denis Villeneuve’s . A formulaic enough tale is rendered beautiful thanks to Roger Deakins’ remarkable photography. Check out our full review of Prisoners by clicking here.


Wadjda. This Saudi coming of age tale was one of 2013’s most highly lauded movies.

Denis Villeneuve.

Bates Motel. Cynical preconceptions fell by the wayside with the realisation that this Psycho kinda-sorta prequel was actually pretty great. An endearing mythology brings to mind Twin Peaks, while solid performances across the board elevate the series from common fare.


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