Monday Blu(e)s And DVD.


One of the great stories of lost love leads the week in home video.


The Umbrellas Of Cherbourg. Jacques Demy’s remarkable musical feels less fifty years old than it does super-contemporary. Underneath the brightly lit and colourful scenarios sits a tale in which love lost and the Algerian War of Independence sits at the centre. Hours of extra content features in this anniversary edition of the film, which is anchored by a stunning transfer. We’ll be taking a deeper look at this release throughout the week.


Ain’t Them Bodies Saints. An interesting, if unremarkable post-modern look at the classic love-on-the-run New Hollywood tropes of Badlands and Bonnie & Clyde, in which director David Lowery looks beyond the frame of those pictures and poses a question of hypothesis. What if, for example, Parker and Barrow weren’t shot down in a hail of bullets? Or perhaps a child was eventually born of Holly and Kit? Read our complete review of the filmĀ here.


Enough Said. Notable for featuring one of James Gandolfini’s final performances, Enough Said is an affecting romantic drama that focusses on a character type so often thrown by the wayside.

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Round-Up. We’ve not had the opportunity to see neitherĀ Captain Phillips nor Gloria, the latter of which was lauded aplenty in last year’s end polls.


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