JLG. Palme d’Or.


The line-up for the 2014 Cannes Film Festival was announced a couple of hours ago. 

In a rather exciting turn of events Jean-Luc Godard’s Adieu au langage was revealed to be playing in competition. He’s even promised to show up at the festival too, although we’ll believe that when it happens. Godard has never won the Palme d’Or before, and many had assumed his film more likely to feature in the Un Certain Regard strand. This, coupled with the fact that 20th Century Fox have picked up the film for theatrical release in the USA certainly suggests that Adieu au langage is perhaps a tad more approachable than some may have previously thought.

Bonus trivia: if it wins the Palme d’Or not only will it be Godard’s first win, but it will be the first time any of the Cahiers Five have taken the top prize at Cannes.

Bonus trivia #2: it would also be the first 3D winner.

The full Cannes competition line-ups can be found here.

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