Monday Blu(e)s And DVD.


This week in home video is one filled with an array of riches. 


Violent Saturday. In the interests of complete disclosure, yes, we were involved with this release from Eureka’s new Classic imprint, but that ought not get in the way of us recognising the great film that is Violent Saturday, from eclectic studio auteur Richard Fleischer. The disc itself is fantastic, with a meticulous transfer of the film accompanied by a French video essay and lengthy interview with Violent Saturday fan William Friedkin, while extensive liner notes provided by yours truly sit alongside the film’s original campaign book in the lengthy booklet.


Sisters. Arrow round out their 18 month-long celebration of the work of Brian De Palma with this solid release of his Sisters, the film most commonly described as the first “proper” Brian De Palma movie. In keeping with the other films in the Arrow Video series, this edition is accompanied by some wonderful extra features, the highlight of which is a 30-minute video essay examination of De Palma’s complete oeuvre.

A Story Of Children And Film. Mark Cousins turns his attention from a broad history of the movies to one more focussed on the image of cinema as seen from the perspective of childhood. An intimate companion piece to his epic A Story Of Film.

Bastards, Balthazar and Nymphomaniac. A triple bill from Artificial Eye, with their long-awaited upgrade of Robert Bresson’s Au Hasard Balthazar accompanied by a couple of contemporary features (Au Hasard Balthazar has been posted once again. we’ve lost count of how many times this is now). In Bastards we have one of the most interesting films of the year, from Claire Denis, while Nymphomaniac sees Lars von Trier at his most provocative.

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Two Award Features Beginning With The Letter A. It’s probably unfair to tie J.C. Chandor’s sleeper hit, the Robert Redford-starring All Is Lost in with David O. Russell’s peculiar, yet enjoyable American Hustle, but both proved unlikely mainstays of the awards season so we’re running with it.

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