Monday Blu(e)s And DVD.


One of the best films about growing up leads the week in home video.


Gregory’s Girl. Coming of age dramas don’t get much better, or much more unique than Bill Forsyth’s Scotland-set tale of schoolboy everyman Gregory Underwood. A hapless, awkward figure that is all-too relatable towards, we join Gregory on his quest for his first love, eschewing the gross-out stylings of it’s Transatlantic cousins for a tale ground firmly in the real. It’s a big, fat grin of a movie, and one that’s never looked better on home video than it does here. Newly restored and rounded out with newly filmed extras, it’s a great release.


Ace In The Hole. Quite simply a perfect movie. Billy Wilder’s tale of a newspaper man who will stop at nothing to get the story he needs, Ace In The Hole sits happily alongside Sam Fuller’s Park Row and Citizen Kane as a masterpiece of the field.


The Delta Force. An unusual film to see the Arrow Video treatment bestowed upon.


Hobson’s Choice. Charles Laughton is on career-defining form in David Lean’s film, which celebrates it’s 60th Anniversary with a landmark reissue.


Like Father, Like Son. One of the best received films of 2013. Shamefully, we’ve not seen it.

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