Moonrise Kingdom – The Hope Lies Monograph #5

We’ve put together a quick Moonrise Kingdom Monograph to mark todays theatrical release of the film. It’s only fleeting, and the content will be reproduced in next weeks Stolen Kisses ePublication, but we thought it worth putting out there just in case anyone wanted a copy. It’s exclusive to the site, and won’t be available on iTunes (it’s not long enough).  

Here are a couple of pages from the Moonrise Kingdom Monograph, to get an idea of what delights awaits you. Click on the stills for full size images. 

To download the iPad enhanced edition now of this Monograph click HERE to be taken to Rapidshare. Install on to your iPad using iTunes. Alternatively, you could view the PDF version linked below directly on your iPad, albeit losing some of the iPad-enhancements in the process!  If you’re having trouble manually adding an iBook to your iPad please see the article linked HERE

To download the PDF version of this Monograph please click HERE to read it online. If viewing on a tablet computer/mobile phone then your device will no doubt prompt you to download from within the webpage. Alternative you can drag the PDF to your desktop. 


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